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Windows 11 version 22H2, the first Windows 11 feature update since its introduction in October 2021, is expected to be officially released this fall, likely in October. (The “22” represents the year 2022 and “H2” means it will be released in the second half of the year.) Microsoft has already released a version of it on the Windows 11 Insider Program build preview channel. ; Build 22621 should be close to release, if not release.

When 22H2 has its final release, we’ll give it a full review. However, if you want a preview, we’ve looked at the release in the Release Preview channel, as well as some features introduced in later releases released on the Beta and Dev channels that may make it into the final release. Based on that, here’s what you can expect when the official version releases.



New task manager

Anyone who fiddles with their system to do things like check memory usage or disable programs that run at startup will find a revamped task manager. Rather than tabs at the top for processes, performance, startup applications, etc., you’ll find them as icons running vertically in the left column. Icons are bigger, there’s more space between lists (which are also bigger), and there’s a new dark mode too. You can also now perform new tasks such as opening a folder or running a program directly from Task Manager.

task manager win11 22h2 IDG

Here is the new look of Task Manager. (Click on the image to enlarge.)

In this update, Microsoft continues to fiddle with the Start menu. You can create app folders to organize your apps, like you did before in Windows 10, and you can adjust the size of the pinned apps section. There’s also a whole new section in the settings for customizing the Start menu, including adjusting the number of pinned items to display on it.

win11 22h2 settings boot menu IDG

You will get many new options to customize Windows 11 22H2 Start menu. (Click on the image to enlarge.)

Drag and drop to taskbar

In build 22H2, Microsoft is bringing back another feature it removed in the initial Windows 11 release – drag and drop to the taskbar. You can drag a file onto an app icon in the taskbar and the file will open in the app, just like in Windows 10.

Parameter settings

With each new version of Windows, Microsoft fiddles with the Settings menu, and it’s no different this time around. The Accounts page gets a facelift, offering a surprising amount of information at a glance. In addition to name, email, etc., you will find information such as whether Microsoft 365 is installed and, if so, which version and how much you pay. There’s also a list of who you share files with, how much OneDrive storage you’ve paid for, and how much you’ve used.

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