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What is Cortana?

Cortana is a new Windows 10 feature that works like Apple’s Siri virtual assistant only available on iPhone and iPad, and even Macs aren’t available in many more countries than Cortana. Siri can speak 29 languages ​​in 25 countries and can be activated in any country without any region hacking required. Unfortunately, Cortana is not available in all countries. Currently, it is only available in the US, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and China. Cortana will be available in Japan, Australia, Canada, and India for English language only. But don’t worry about that. You can get Cortana anywhere in the world. To do this, follow the article Activate Cortana on Windows 10.



Enable Cortana on Windows 10

If you want to use Cortana wherever you are. So do the same tricks that Windows Phone users have been using for over a year. Change the Windows region setting to a country where Cortana is available and you will be able to use this feature.

To perform this task, click the Windows key to open the Start menu, then search for Settings and press enter. Now choose “Time and language» then select «Region & Language”. Select the country where Cortana is available. It is also necessary to add a suitable language so that it does not cause any problems.

Region & Language

To help Cortana do its best, Microsoft collects and uses information including your location and location history, contacts, voice input, search history, calendar details, content and communications on your device. When you’re done with the “Region and Language” settings, click on the little Cortana icon at the bottom left of the monitor and give it a name and start using Cortana. It has made the work of Windows users very easy. You can activate it and start saying that it will do everything for you. For example, you can tell him that he reminds me today that I have an appointment at half past seven. Cortana will call back at the exact same time you told her.

Write name or nickname

This allows you to easily activate one of the best features of Windows 10 “Cortana”.

Hey, Cortana is another Cortana feature that lets you say something directly and Cortana will do the same. For instance. You shouldn’t do anything, not a mouse click, don’t use the hotkey and just activate Hey Cortana and then just start saying that she will do the same thing you told her. You have to ask like this. “Hey, Cortana! What weather is it today?” It will display today’s weather report.

how to activate Hey Cortana

It was about how to enable Cortana on Windows 10 and thanks for being with us. If you have any questions regarding this task, please let us know.

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