Windows 11: is Microsoft’s antivirus effective and sufficient?

An operating system, whatever it is, requires good protection tools (antivirus/firewall) to protect its personal data. These help provide top-notch protection against malware and other computer attacks. Their effectiveness varies according to their versions and also the operating system on which they are installed. Microsoft has chosen to integrate its own free antivirus solution into its Windows 11 operating system. However, several questions arise: “Is it really effective and sufficient? Does it protect your computer against the latest malware? “. All the answers are in the rest of this article.

Check the score of laboratories specialized in antivirus testing

There are many antivirus software on the market. However, they do not all offer the same level of protection, nor the same functionalities. It is therefore not always easy to navigate and choose the best antivirus.

Luckily, there are independent labs that run antivirus tests and share their results on how well security solutions protect against different threats. This is particularly the case of the AV-Test site, which I consult regularly. The factors examined are usability, performance, and protection.

When choosing an antivirus solution, we therefore invite you to check which antivirus will be able to best protect your device. And according to AV-Test, antivirus solutions like Bitdefender, BullGuard, ESET or Kaspersky would be at the top of the podium.

What about Microsoft antivirus?

As you probably know, Windows 11 includes a default antivirus soberly called Windows Security (formerly Microsoft Defender). The latter helps protect your computer against viruses, malware and other known malicious software.

According to tests carried out by the AV-Test laboratory, Microsoft’s antivirus is also one of the best security solutions that exist. Indeed, it obtains a score of 6/6 in protection, performance and use.

So we can say that the Windows Security application integrated in Windows 11 is a very good antivirus solution which is perfectly able to neutralize the current threats.

Is the Windows Security application enough?

For ordinary users, Microsoft’s antivirus will do just fine. It is a simple and perfectly autonomous protection solution.

Indeed, the Windows Security application offers you both a periodic analysis of your computer in search of possible threats, but also a real-time analysis when you copy or download new files on your PC.

In addition, Microsoft’s antivirus also offers you a firewall, protection during your web browsing and parental controls. And that’s about it. As a result, you will agree that its functionalities are quite limited.

So, is it enough? The answer is not evident. I want to tell you, it all depends on your use. Other security solutions available on the market generally offer much more functionality and customization options than Windows 11 antivirus.

For example, the Bitdefender security solution also offers you anti-phishing protection that protects you from fraudulent websites, but also an anti-spam to protect your mailbox from unwanted messages and attachments or even a VPN to encrypt your Web browsing.

But that’s not all… This all-in-one security software also includes an anti-tracker, webcam protection, a sensitive file shredder or even a secure wallet to store your passwords in a safe place, your credit card numbers and other sensitive data. It’s up to you to see if this kind of functionality can be useful to you or not.

What are the characteristics of a good antivirus?

A good antivirus is software capable of protecting the data on your computer. It is also a software capable of carrying out analyzes in the background without requiring all the power of your computer. You must therefore ensure that the antivirus is low on system resources.

Also, be aware that most antiviruses offer a free trial version. Do not hesitate to test the software before acquiring it. Thus, you will be able to discover its interface and its various functionalities.

Customer service and price of the best antivirus

Since you need protection for your device at all times, the customer support available is a huge plus in case you run into any issues. You will get help even if you don’t understand anything. Especially since you have paid for this product, customer service must be available and assist you when needed.

The most expensive antivirus service does not necessarily equate to the best option. Antiviruses can differ in malware detection rates and features. You need to be aware of your personal needs to ensure you have made the right choice.

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