Windows 11: How to find the old volume mixer

Microsoft has changed the Place Volume Mixer in Windows 11 to integrate it into Settings. However, there is a solution to recover the old version of Windows 10 very easily.

The volume mixer, this panel grouping individually all the volume controls for each open application capable of producing sound in Windows 10, has changed its place in Windows 11. If it was once available as an independent application, Microsoft made the very bad decision to move it to integrate it into the application Settings of Windows 11.

The volume mixer has not disappeared. You can still access it by right-clicking the volume icon on the taskbar, but this will automatically open Settings for the OS the mixer has migrated into. Not really practical so if you need to access it frequently to individually increase or decrease the volume of open applications on your PC.

While waiting for Microsoft to fix this gross UI error, a developer has looked into the problem and created a small freeware utility to restore the volume mixer in Windows 11 to the way it was in Windows 10.

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1. Download Classic Volume Mixer

Start by downloading Classic Volume Mixer. This free application, developed by Patrick Johanson, restores access to the Windows 10 volume mixer.

Microsoft has not deleted the Windows 10 volume mixer executable file in the system32 directory of Windows 11, Classic Volume Mixer will simply take care of adding the link to open it from the volume control button integrated into the taskbar.

Download Classic Volume Mixer

2. Install the app

Once the executable file ClassicVolumeMixer.exe downloaded on your machine, double click on it to open it and start its installation. Windows may display a pop-up Windows has protected your computer and blocks the program for security reasons. If so, click Further informationthen the button Run anyway.

3. Access the volume mixer

To access the volume mixer, expand the hidden icon drawer. You should find a new icon there with a pretty “ old school featuring a loudspeaker.

Just click on this icon. You should then see the old Windows Volume Mixer window open.

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