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A new preview of Windows 10 is rolling out through the Windows Insider Program Release Preview channel. It arrives through the KB5014666 update.

Its installation allows the OS to evolve in version 19044.1806. This number is important because it helps to ensure that the process went smoothly. You can find it by launching “winver.exe” in Run (WIN+R). KB5014666 is available through the Windows Update service.

Much of the content is aimed at professionals and may not be of interest to the general public. For example Microsoft explains

“We added IP address auditing for incoming Windows Remote Management (WinRM) connections in security event 4262 and WinRM 91. We fixed an issue where source IP address and machine name were not logged for a remote PowerShell connection. We added Server Message Block (SMB) redirector (RDR) specific public File System Control (FSCTL) code “FSCTL_LMR_QUERY_INFO.” »

Windows 10 and KB5014666

In terms of available patches, the most notable change for the general public is Cloud Clipboard. Microsoft has fixed an issue preventing synchronization between devices after a period of inactivity.

There are other improvements but mainly aimed at businesses and IT professionals. Microsoft explains

“We fixed an issue where a domain controller incorrectly writes Key Distribution Center (KDC) event 21 to the system event log. This occurs when the KDC successfully processes a PKINIT (Kerberos Public Key Encryption for Initial Authentication) authentication request with a self-signed certificate for key trust scenarios (Windows Hello for Business and Device Authentication) . »

This new cumulative update is not yet available for production devices. Its improvements will be available on a larger scale when testing is complete.

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