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If you want to install Windows 11 on an ineligible PC, the Rufus utility can help you. Its purpose is to create installation media from an ISO image.

Rufus is an Open Source application. Its purpose is to create a bootable USB media from an ISO image. It is popular and widely used to create “bootable” Windows (11, 10…) and Linux installation media. Its latest BETA version released a few days ago, Rufus 3.19 introduces new features aimed at the Windows 11 installation process.

Windows 11, a simple and hassle-free installation

The utility allows to bypass the Microsoft account requirement during the first system boot. It is also possible to define responses such as “do not allow / deny” during the configuration process around privacy.

Even better we have options to download the latest ISO images released by Microsoft and above all ignore the hardware requirements for Windows 11. The same applies to the system requirements when upgrading from Windows 10. The main interface evolves slowly but without proposing significant changes. You can always use it to download the latest Windows ISOs from Microsoft or select a locally available ISO.

For Windows 11, here are the three most important customization options

  • Removed requirements for Secure Boot and Trusted Platform Module 2.0
  • Removed 4GB+ RAM and 64GB+ disk requirements.
  • Disabling Data Collection (Ignore Privacy Questions) – Privacy questions are skipped and answered automatically using the least invasive answer.
  • Removed the requirement for a Microsoft account to install Windows 11 Home and Pro if a network connection is detected.

In the end Rufus can create Windows 11 installation media skipping some checks. We talk about the constraints imposed by Microsoft regarding RAM, TPM and Secure Boot. It is therefore possible to create a small USB key to install the OS on any computer, even those that are not supported.

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